Core strengthening through Pilates

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At Core Wellness, we are focused on all things wellness. But strengthening your core is something we hold near and dear to our heart (it’s what we are named for, after all!). A strong core affords more than just a beach-ready body—it helps prevent injuries, protects your organs, supports proper posture, and helps correct existing back pain. One of the best ways to ensure a strong core is through Pilates. In fact, a one-one-one apparatus session with our resident Pilates expert, Jackie Lash-Callaghan improves both postural awareness and fitness, and is sure to help tone and lengthen your body after this year’s long winter. And an intensive, one-on-one Pilates experience customized to your individual goals needs can maximize all of your hard work. These sessions are also ideal for our pre-and post-natal clients hoping to lose lingering pregnancy weight or stay physically active during their pregnancies. Make an appointment today or give us a call at the office to learn more.