PT Highlighted as #1 Treatment for Vaginal Pain

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Recently physical therapy was noted as one of the top treatments for women struggling with vaginal pain. According to the Fox News article, a study from the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology also found 25 percent of women experience vulvar pain at some point in their lives, with only about 2 percent seeking treatment.

Often there can be a direct correlation between vaginal pain and a particular event, such as childbirth or an injury, but often the causes of vaginal pain may not be immediately realized. Through our comprehensive pelvic floor examination, we can identify the root of the symptoms, and develop an individualized plan of care. This is a highly personalized process, and can include any number of modalities, including manual therapy techniques—both internal and external, nutritional modifications to reduce systemic inflammation, exercise prescription, as well as instruction in self treatments. Should part or all of your presentation be outside of our scope of practice, rest assured that we have a comprehensive team of experts in the area we’d be happy to refer you to, like the Sexual Health Consultants in Arlington.

Vaginal pain is not something you have to live with and there are a variety of different treatment options depending on your symptoms, as well as what you are comfortable with. If you are experiencing vaginal pain, please give us a call at the clinic to discuss your options.

By starting the dialogue surrounding this common condition, we hope that women will know they aren’t alone, and that pelvic physical therapy is a reliable and effective treatment.