Great practice. We commute just to get treatment there and it is worth every effort. Highly recommend it to all. –Satisfied Patient via Square Up, July 2019


Dr. Stroot is uniquely & abundantly qualified in her field. I am appreciative to have found such an expert. –Satisfied Patient, July 2019


My experience with Dana at Core Wellness has been very positive. I’ve tried other physical therapists, and she has helped where others have failed. I started to see her regularly for PT due to a chronic condition. She has helped me manage it like no other PT. Also, when I was injured, she helped me and identified changes I needed to make to avoid aggravating re-injury. She makes a difference by tuning into the issue you are experiencing, truly listening to you as a patient, and trying different techniques to see what might be most effective. I highly recommend her – she goes above & beyond to make you feel comfortable with the process of PT and makes helpful recommendations to promote your healing and overall well-being. –Satisfied patient, via Square Up, April 2019


Anne has the perfect mix of compassion and focus on the therapy. My mom passed away about a week ago, and I was quite distressed at the beginning of today’s session. By the end, I felt far better, both physically and emotionally. –Satisfied patient, via Square Up, October 2018


Anne is a wonderful, caring professional. I'm feeling better after only a couple of PT sessions. –Satisfied patient, via Square Up, July 2018


Dana is great! I felt very comfortable and am looking forward to my future appointments. –Satisfied patient, via Square Up, June 2018


Was a very good first time patient experience and I highly recommend this group to anyone! Thank you 😉 –Satisfied patient, via Square Up, June 2018


I was really nervous about my hip pain when I came to Core Wellness, but Dr E put me right at ease and made me feel confident that I would recover. Dr E and the staff at Core are extremely knowledgeable and lovely to work with. She treated me as a whole person, and I walked away healthier overall. I cannot recommend them enough!! –J. W-Martin, via Google Reviews


I can only revere the wonderful ladies with the doctorate in physical therapy, and highly recommend this place. They're not just knowledgeable, but also highly competent in their field. After two separate visits from two previous clinics, I've only wasted time and money. The only setback is that they are out of the insurance network. But the owner has taken it upon herself to help me with the reimbursement from my insurance company. So thank you very much to the staff of Core wellness for my expeditious healing. –S. Saphiro, via Google Reviews


Excellent attention to a lifelong problem with both knees. (4 knee surgeries.) For years, I have had difficulty bending knees to swat, getting up from sitting too long without pain and walking more than a few blocks without pain in one or both knees. I am 90% pain free now thanks to Core Wellness. It's amazing. I never thought I could feel such relief after so many years of pain. One doctor had told me I needed both knees replaced....NOT SO! –A. Smolinski, via Google Reviews


Having several problems (knee surgery, ruptured disk, DVT's and CRPS, I mentioned to my doctor that I was going to physical therapy. The doctor emphatically told me that I should NOT have physical therapy at this time as it would do more harm than good. I told my doctor that I was currently going to Core Wellness & Physical Therapy. The doctor immediately perked up and said "Core Wellness?- You can go to them!" With individual care at Core Wellness and their expertise, I am making great progress on my ruptured disk, patellar tendon reattachment rehab and even the CRPS - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which affects one leg. I appreciate their knowledge and willingness to take their time to explain not only what they are doing but why they are doing it. Can't say enough about this facility. –B. Smolinski, via Google Reviews


After the first treatment with Dr. Elizabeth, I was able to go swimming for the first time in a year without any issues. After two sessions, I have zero dizziness, the vertigo is gone! I took a four mile bike ride over the weekend, and have been swimming twice since our appointment two weeks ago. I am completely thrilled! I will undoubtedly be back in the future! –C. Curtis


Finally someone who is helping me manage a chronic back issue and pain in a way that is getting to the root cause instead of turning me to addictive drugs. I want to be active and happy, not drugged up and masking pain. Angie at Core Wellness is helping me get to a healthier place with less pain. I want to cry with relief that she is helping me find and the path forward she is charting for me. Every time I see her I feel like she is helping me not only find relief but also finding long term health that will allow me to be active and happy. If you are looking for help getting to a healthier place, not just masking pain, go to Core Wellness. –C.B. Simms, via Facebook


Angie is amazing. It's the first time I've had a PT experience that is actually helping me. She continues to take everything into account that I share with her about how I'm feeling and uses that to not only provide me pain relief, which she has, but to really address the root causes and help get me stronger for the long-term, not just a short term patch. I feel like I finally have someone on my side which is so reassuring! –Happy patient, via Square Up


I don't know how to sum up just how much Core Wellness, and specifically Angie, did for me. I injured my tailbone and had my rib dislocated by a massage therapist all in one year, and I had a great deal of pain and muscle weakness afterwards. It felt like a joke--if I did anything physical (walk more than a block, go up or down stairs, etc), I wouldn't be able to walk for two weeks. Once, I had TMJ so bad that I could barely open my mouth to speak (that one also lasted two weeks). Finally, I got a prescription for PT and went to see Angie... Read full review on our Yelp page –Core Wellness patient via Yelp


Four months after receiving a new ACL in my knee, my knee was inflamed despite my dedication to doing all my PT exercises prescribed by a different physical therapist. When I switched to Core Wellness, I learned the valuable lesson of “less is more” and my new exercises focused on my hips, not just my recovering knee. The hot inflammation went away and I made a tremendous recovery while feeling much less knee aggravation! All of Core Wellness’s staff are amazing and thorough. Thank you Core Wellness for helping me return to Ultimate Frisbee!–Ann M., Alexandria, VA


After a traumatic birth that left me with a weakened pelvic floor, followed by two more pregnancies and deliveries in the span of three years I had a very unstable pelvis which resulted in severe muscle spasms and pain in my back and pelvis that was unrelenting and almost disabling. In addition to that I had developed a very weak core which caused my back to overcompensate further aggravating the muscle spasm pain cycle making daily activities as a Mom of an infant, toddler and four yr old almost impossible. As a BSN, RN with a MSS/sports medicine degree and as a former fitness instructor I know that core training allows the muscles in the pelvis, back, hips and abdomen to gain strength allowing them to work together to provide better balance and stability. And with that balance and stability, inappropriate muscle use, pain and muscle spasms can be alleviated but core training is not the typical focus at most physical therapy offices and when I tried to exercise on my own I spent the following days almost immobilized in spasm. After spending ten months at a traditional physical therapy clinic and 10 additional months of other hands on treatments such as massage, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture, nothing helped with my pain nor retrained my body to use my muscles correctly. Finally exasperated and depressed because of my pain and inability to function as a Mom I found Core Wellness Physical Therapy. Prior to my first session I watched a pregnant woman on the Pilates reformer and knew I had found the right place, in fact I cried at the thought of finally working towards a pain free life. After only one session with Dr. Elizabeth Polis my sciatic nerve pain was gone and over the course of treatment in the following months with Dr E and each of the other therapists at Core Wellness PT my pain is 90% reduced and my body is gaining back the strength it had lost after instability robbed me of a normal existance. The office has an almost spa like serenity and typically there is only one client in session at a time making your treatments feel private and completely focused on you. I highly recommend Core Wellness Physical Therapy and only regret that I hadn’t found them at the beginning of my pelvic/ core dysfunction because I could have saved myself from almost two yrs of pain! Core Wellness gets FIVE stars! –Corinne M., BSN, RN, MSS


I love coming to see both Jenna and Elizabeth...they heal both mind and body. –Michele R.


You guys are awesome. You make everyone feel like they are important. I'm blessed that I finally found a place that has a positive outlook and has answers for those living in discomfort and pain. –Crystal B.


Amazing people, amazing work! Came in after several days of being unable to move my neck and found relief here. –Anonymous