After Baby…

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Recently on Core Wellness Radio, Dr. E addressed the many challenges that come with baby and how physical therapy can help. This conversation was timely as Core Wellness has recently begun offering a customized Pre- and Post-Natal session for moms and moms-to-be to help them either prepare for, recover from, or manage the physical and lifestyle challenges of a new baby.

While the session benefits any woman on the baby spectrum (planning for, currently pregnant, or post-delivery), this show focused on the postpartum challenges that come with having a baby, from abnormal movement issues mom may be experiencing, to nursing, to baby wearing and beyond. Said Dr. E, “People get distracted and tend to write these issues off – for some people waiting is fine, but not all people are fortunate enough for these issues to resolve on their own. We see far more people with ongoing issues that they just never had time to address.”

Dr. E also discusses incontinence, back and shoulder discomfort, managing incision pain, and plantar fasciitis –all common post-pregnancy concerns and very common throughout her pre- and postnatal practice. Listen to the archived show for more details. Or better yet…come see us! The ideal time to begin is wherever you are. Pregnant? Thinking about it? Have some residual aches, old or new pains, incontinence, or even scars that still don’t feel right? We can help, and provide you with personalized care you need.