Empowerment Through Movement: A Valentine’s Day Guide to Loving Your Body

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Ever wondered if Valentine’s Day could offer more than just heart-shaped candies and flowers? It can! You have the power to step away from convention and transform this celebration into one of self-love and deeper connections through the simple act of moving and appreciating your body. 

A New Way To Valentine’s Day: Expanding Our View

When you think of Valentine’s Day, I bet you think of romantic love. It’s been framed this way for generations. But I want to encourage you to broaden your perspective. To be more inclusive of every kind of love. This year, instead of the conventional celebrations, shift the narrative and help normalize turning the incredible love, care, and compassion you give others, inward towards yourself.

By expanding our view on what Valentine’s Day should or shouldn’t be, we open ourselves up to giving and receiving an abundance of healthy love in our lives… and arguably, love and connection (in its many forms) could be seen as our point here on earth. It is part of the human experience

I want to encourage you to use February 14th as a call to honor all the ways you bring joy, light, and support into the world, while also reflecting on the many bonds with family, friends, colleagues, and romantic bonds, too. This practice transforms Valentine’s Day into a more inclusive and heartwarming day where we better ourselves and the connections around us, no matter our relationship status. 

Self-Love: Appreciation of Your Mind and Body, and All It Does

While self-love is definitely a buzzword right now, it isn’t without good reason. It’s one of the most profound expressions of appreciation we can offer to ourselves

One of the most basic acts of self-love is acknowledging that before we can fully extend our love and support to others, we must first ensure that we are nurturing our own minds and bodies. The premise that “You can’t fill from an empty cup.” It validates that self-care isn’t selfish; it’s essential. 

How we love and show up for ourselves sets the stage for how we interact with the world around us, allowing us to show up as our best selves in every aspect of life.

Now, whether this is old news because you already practice self-love regularly, or this is new to you, I want to challenge you to prioritize it this Valentine’s Day. Make sure you reflect on who you are, the kindness you bring into others’ lives (and your own), and all the ways your body allows you to do the things you love, with the people you love. 

That stomach you struggle to love… take a moment to appreciate how it allows you to digest the meal you just had with your loved ones. Or that it helped you bring beautiful children into this world. It can even be appreciated on how it allows you to absorb the nutrients you need to ‘get up and go’ do your favorite, joyful hobby. This is just an example, but really take your time here to appreciate all you have, and all you do. 

You are worth it. You are unique, and you are a light in this world! 

The Joy of Movement: Celebrating Physical Activity and Your Body

When many hear the terms’ movement’ or ‘ exercise,’ it can be hard not to jump straight to the conclusion that it is tied to weight loss and body image. While maintaining a healthy weight is important, being thin is not the be-all and end-all that society has pressured so many of us into for so long. 

One of the most incredible ways for you to express self-love is through movement. It nurtures your mental and physical well-being each time you are active (bonus points if you are choosing activities that bring you pure joy). It also doesn’t have to be high-intensity to be a “good workout” either. All forms of movement should be celebrated.

Moving your body triggers the release of hormones that make you feel great, lower your stress levels, and can even help you sleep more soundly. This helps with your emotional resilience and activates the reward centers in your brain, all at the same time as strengthening and stretching your muscles, cardiovascular system, and more. 

This Valentine’s Day, instead of looking at working out as some chore you “have” to do, think of it as something you “get” to do. This act of reframing showcases how shifting our perspective can help us really appreciate all that our body allows us to experience. I’d love to see you practice positive reframing in other areas of your life, too. 

Take this as your sign to indulge in a mindful moment, no matter what type of activity you choose to do, to feel the sun, wind, or rain on your face and be grateful that you get to be there. That you have the privilege of movement, no matter what that looks like for you. Your body, no matter your mobility, is working all sorts of wonders. 

You are alive, and your body is strong, resilient, and beautiful. 

Deepening Connections: Movement with Others

Inviting others into our moments of movement opens up a beautiful opportunity to share in physical activity and weave deeper emotional connections. 

Think initiating a morning walk with a friend, coordinating a dance-off with your family, or exploring a new fitness class with your partner. These invitations to move together act as bridges, bringing us closer to the ones we care about. 

The benefits of moving together can be even more profound than on our own. It cultivates a shared sense of achievement, amplifies our joy, strengthens our emotional bonds, and creates a space for vulnerability and support. 

Being consistently physically active with loved ones provides a unique form of communication, one that doesn’t rely on words but on the experience of working, breathing, and laughing together.

This mutual encouragement and shared effort deepens our connections in unexpected ways. It reminds us that at the heart of every connection is the ability to grow together—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. By incorporating movement into our relationships, we enhance our well-being and nurture the bonds that make life so rich. 

This Valentine’s Day, let’s extend the invitation to move together, discovering the joy and depth that comes from experiencing life in motion with those we care about.

Valentine’s Day Your Way: Creating New Traditions

You have the power to shape your Valentine’s Day celebrations in any way you wish. Stepping away from the conventional gives you more freedom to define how you celebrate love on your terms.

By creating your own traditions, you’re asserting the importance of celebrating love in ways that resonate with your core values and enhance your well-being. This approach to Valentine’s Day encourages authenticity, allowing you to establish meaningful and deeply personal customs and fostering a sense of interconnectedness with the world.

Here are some suggestions for your more inclusive Valentine’s Day Traditions to get you started:

Heartfelt Nature Hike: Organize a hike or walk on a beloved trail, inviting friends, family, or colleagues (or go solo, as long as you are safe!) to reflect on your interconnectedness to one another and to nature. 

Gratitude Yoga for Everyone: Host a yoga session open to partners, friends, family, or colleagues, centered around gratitude for love and life. This practice invites those you care about to set intentions to celebrate self-love and connection. Whether shared in a group or enjoyed individually, this yoga experience cultivates an inclusive atmosphere of care, respect, and unity that can deepen bonds.

Valentine’s Day Dance Class: Invite those you care about to join a dance class with you! It can be as serious or as playful as you like. The goal here is to experience movement together. No matter the type of dance, it can become a fun Valentine’s Day tradition that gets you all moving, laughing, and strengthening bonds through learning something new.

Mindful Meal: We all need to nourish our bodies in order to do what we love with whom we love. It makes it the perfect way to celebrate Love Day. Focus on creating and sharing a healthy meal for yourself or those closest to you. Rooted in the philosophy of nourishing both the body and relationships through mindful eating, it is a great act of self-care and expression of love. Take a moment to slow down, appreciate the ingredients and the process, and have a meaningful conversation over a meal that feeds your health and soul.

 3 Girls smiling and playing in the snow

This Valentine’s Day, let’s skip the roses and chocolate. Lets focus on connection, not just with others, but starting with the most essential relationship we have: the one with ourselves. 

Use Love Day as a prompt to embrace self-love not just as an act of self-care but as the foundation for genuine connections with others and the world around us. By promoting well-being, we naturally enhance our relationships, making room for an abundance of happiness and health. 

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