What is an Infrared Sauna?

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Rather than heating the air (as a traditional sauna does), our Far Infrared Sauna provides direct heat, allowing far infrared rays to penetrate into the body where they gently elevate its surface temperature and activate major bodily functions. Far Infrared treatments can help increase blood flow, stimulate metabolism, promote healing, stimulate detoxifying processes of the skin and liver, and encourage mental and musculoskeletal relaxation. Far Infrared Heat Therapy sessions also provide a convenient way to burn calories, detox, and get many of the benefits of a workout in a short period of time.

We recommend enjoying our Sauna Suite weekly. There are certain conditions that can benefit from increased frequency such as Lyme disease, liver diseases, auto-immune disorders, PCOS, endometriosis, etc.

Please schedule a consultation with Dr. E to determine the most beneficial protocol for you.


30 Minutes/$30, 10 Pack/$250, 30 Pack/$500

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Tips for using the Infrared Sauna:

· Wear loose clothing or wrapping yourself in a towel. The more exposure Far Infrared Heat has to the body, the better!

· As a beginner, it is best to ease into the Far Infrared Sauna use with 20 minute sessions. Your first week should not exceed 30 minutes per session. Once you are comfortable and your body has adjusted to the treatment, you can slowly move into 30 minute sessions.

· Stay hydrated. Always drink plenty of water the day of, before, during, and after your sauna sessions. You may add lemon juice, or a splash of apple cider vinegar.

· Stretching your limbs and back during your session will improve your flexibility.

· Gently massage stiff, knotty areas of the body during your Far Infrared Sauna session.

· Oils and lotions are a “No-No.” These can block pores and inhibit sweating.

· Feel a cold coming on? Jump into the Far Infrared Sauna to help strengthen your immune system. The sauna can help induce hyperthermia, which increases your white blood cell count and fight viruses.