Warm-Weather Shoes: Health and Style

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On last week’s installment of Core Wellness Radio, Core Wellness’ Dr. Elizabeth Polis dished shoes for spring and summer – what’s stylish, what’s trendy, and most importantly, which shoes will help keep your feet in good shape throughout the warm-weather months.

For those who haven’t listened in, here are some highlights from the show:

  • Birkenstock shoes are back. One of her favorite warm-weather shoes for their contribution to healthy feet,Dr. Polis recommends these summer shoes because they offer good mobility andcomfort,and their new colors are fun and fashionable. Click to check out an updated pair.
  • We all love Flip flops, but quality is key. Purchase a quality flop and consider wearing them in the shower to help break them in and avoid blisters. Also, consider a flop with straps that go across rather than through the toes or get a thicker band going through your toes.
  • If you desire wedges over 3 inches high, consider going platform for extra stability or try to find one that doesn’t lift your heel too far above our toes. Dr. Polis just purchased these comfortable wedges that have Nike technology in the sole. Fashionable, yet comfortable and supportive!
  • If you have a hard time wearing high heels or summer sandals, consider a shoe with a peep toe – this partial open-toe shoe allows your toes to spread and can be more comfortable.
  • Dr. Polis also recommends Chacos – comfortable and cute!

Listen to the archived show for more tips from Dr. Polis – “Spring and Summer Shoes: Health and Style.”