Sexual Health Post-Baby

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On the February 27 installment of Core Wellness Radio, Dr. E joined two sex health experts to discuss painful sexual intercourse post-baby. MeLanie Modjoros, MD, a board certified gynecologist and Ms. Jenna Benyounes Ulrich, a board certified nurse practitioner with expertise in midwifery and gynecology, joined the show to discuss the personal issue of painful sex after childbirth, as well as why this may happen, the physical and emotional tolls, and when you know if there is a larger issue going on (and when additional therapy may help). These amazing ladies can be found at their sex therapy practice, Sexual Health Consultants, located in Arlington.

Some other radio show highlights include:

• What are the impacts of a c-section vs. vaginal birth on sexual relations after baby?
• When can we expect sex to “normal” again? What might it feel like the first few times?
• What is considered pain and what is considered discomfort?
• How do hormones play a role? Breastfeeding?

You can listen to the show via Core Wellness’ Radio archives. It is a wonderful episode to listen to with your partner! We are planning a Part 2 to this informative topic to talk about what kinds of therapy are most helpful for managing this experience, including sex health, exercise, and physical therapy. Stay tuned!