Preparing for a Spring Distance Run

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On last week’s installment of Core Wellness Radio, we spoke with Dr. Polis about how to prepare for your spring distance runs, including 5ks, half and full marathon running, plus how to stay motivated throughout.

According to Dr. Polis, while you don’t necessarily need to be an avid runner to participate in a distance run, with the exception of a 5k, some sort of training or conditioning of your body before-hand is important to prevent injury. Long-distance running training programs typically requires about 18 weeks of intensive preparation for most people. If you have never run before, you must pace yourself through the training. Consider cross-training with Pilates for solid and stable core – it will improve the efficiency of your running. You might also consider a running analysis with Core Wellness to assess your total body mechanics and how it contributes to how you run, improve your form, improve your time, and significantly reduce chances of injury.

During the run, there are a number of things you can do to keep motivated. Listening to music is certainly one of them, although some people prefer simply hearing the sound of their feet on the pavement. Also consider encouraging your friends and family to be on the side streets to cheer you on. Having a visible calendar with your training schedule, is also a nice way to track your progress, and give yourself kudos with stickers or a delicious healthy meal out as a reward for reaching milestones on your way to reaching your ultimate goal.

Listen to the archived show for more tips from Dr. Polis on how you can prepare for your upcoming distance run – “Preparing for your Spring Fitness Run.”