Manage stress simply through organization

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The “lazy” days of summer are winding down and with fall comes fresh demands, including back-to-school, new house projects and yard work, more work and personal scheduling, and yes, the holidays. It’s natural to feel more stressed when new demands are on the horizon. One thing Dr. E and her staff discuss often is the need for organization during particularly stressful times. Chaos—from messy closets, stacks of bills, and clutter—promotes anxiety and a general feeling that you aren’t in control. The simple act of organization can help alieve stress and help reassure that you are on top of life’s demands. How can you achieve this?

• Purge what you absolutely don’t need. Haven’t used it, worn it, thought about it in 6 months, a year, longer? Toss it. Or better yet, donate it. You’ll feel great about the downsize and the charitable contribution.

• Jot things down. Do this as they come to you so always have a running tab of to-dos. This helps keep our minds clear and sorted.

• Create simple places for placing things to avoid the clutter. Things like mail sorters, pen holders, plastic containers are great receptacles for life’s “stuff.” Not only will everything have a place, but you are more likely to know where that card for your mom is rather than searching for it for 45 minutes (easily locating things…also a stress reliever).

• Go electronic where you can – bills, statements, dental reminders, receipts. The less paper, the less clutter (of course you will need to make sure your in-box is relatively clutter-free). And it’s good for the environment!

Take a little time over the next month and get yourself organized for fall. You’ll be surprised how much mental clarity it affords and how much time you save in the process