Healthy Eating: A Year-Long Mission

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As we approach March, let’s take stock of how many of us may have fallen off the bandwagon with regards to our New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier in 2014. As our former affirmations towards healthier diets may have faded over the last few months, it may be time to revisit a few simple approaches help us get back on the healthy eating bandwagon. According to Jackie Callaghan, Core Wellness & Physical Therapy’s healthy lifestyle counselor, there are several things you can start doing today to integrate some simple healthy eating habits:

1. Load up on H20

Drink at least half your body weight in ounces throughout the day. Not only will this help keep you hydrated, it will also help keep you from getting too hungry throughout the day. In fact, drink a glass of water ahead of your meal.

2. Incorporate veggies where you can

Like drinking water ahead of a meal, consider having a small salad before a meal, as well. This will help you load up on the most nutrient-rich foods. Additionally, when looking at your dinner plate, remember that half of your plate should be vegetables.

3. Snack

It’s important to know what works for your body, of course, but consider incorporating 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner) rather than 3 very large meals. “Snacks” might entail some lower-sugar fruits, such as apples and berries or higher-protein items, like cheese and yogurt.

4. Shop smartly

When grocery shopping, try to select the majority of items from the perimeter of the store, rather than those aisles crammed in the middle. The perimeter is where you will find the freshest items (think fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meat) and the middle is where you tend to find the higher processed foods.

5. Give yourself a break

Moderation is key, of course, but be realistic and allow yourself a treat from time to time so you don’t feel too deprived.
To hear more from Jackie on this topic and to learn more about what you can do to get a handle on your diet, listen to Core Wellness radio’s installment of “Healthy Eating in 2014” or contact her at the Core Wellness office.