DC is One of Top Fittest US Cities

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Did you know that our local DC area was named one of the top fittest Baby Boomer cities in America by the American Physical Therapy Association and Huff Post 50? With all of our green spaces, walking and running trails, biking opportunities and outdoor attractions, it’s easy to see why living in DC provides endless opportunities to get and stay fit.

Specifically regarding Baby Boomers, according to the APTA survey:

  • Washington DC has been named #7 on the list of Fittest Baby Boomer Cities in the America.
  • Washington, DC achieved a health and fitness score near the 75th percentile and a lifestyle score in the 78th percentile, proving itself one of the best cities for healthy, active older adults.
  • The percentage of Boomers with health insurance is 93.9.
  • The number of diagnosed cases of cardiac disease (3.16%) is lower than the 3.87% average for all 50 cities researched.
  • Diagnosed cases of high cholesterol (48.6%) are 3.1% below the average for the 50 cities reviewed.
  • Of the top 10 cities, Washington, DC has the highest per capita spending for parks, the most community garden plots per 10,000 people, and the most swimming pools per 100,000 people.

Core Wellness believes these opportunities exist for all local residents, as well as Baby Boomers. Tune into the Core Wellness Radio podcast, “DC=One of Top Fittest Cities,” as our own Dr. Elizabeth Polis provides some useful information for local residents on taking advantage of our fair city from a health-friendly perspective (including mentions of some great local vendors to get you started). With plenty of opportunities to spend time outdoors, eat well (and locally) and expand our minds, we are all incredibly fortunate to call DC our home!