Pre/Post Natal Session Coming this Summer

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This summer we are pleased to begin offering a new therapy and education session dedicated to pre- and post-natal issues. Geared towards women who are currently pregnant, considering pregnancy, or have already given birth (either recently or several years ago), this session will address many common concerns and topics related to pregnancy, including applicable exercises for each phase, nutrition, and stress management. Patients can expect a session that is completely customizable to their pregnancy experience and will have the opportunity to address head-on any discomfort they are experiencing or pain they are feeling. Whether its sciatica, incontinence, standard back pain or other pregnancy-related issues, new and seasoned moms can expect to have all of their personal concerns addressed in a private setting. The session format will include three meetings per pregnancy phase and participants can start and stop when they see fit. More information is coming soon. Anyone who is currently pregnant (or has recently given birth) and would like to get started immediately are welcome to make an appointment. For more information, contact us at 571-403-CORE (2673) or via email at [email protected]. You can also hear more on our teaser show at our Core Wellness Radio podcast under Pre- and Post-Natal Summer Series.