Core Wellness Radio reminds us that food is medicine

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Recently on Core Wellness Radio, Dr. E discussed the importance of the putting the right kinds of foods in our bodies and how these foods can act as medicine over time. Not suggesting that food can replace medicine, Dr E. pointed out that, simply, if we have a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meats/protein and healthy fats, we maximize our body’s ability to restore itself, from the inside out.

To help ensure that we maximize the nutritional content of what we eat, Dr. E discussed the following:

  • The benefits of organic vs. non-organic, and GMO vs. non-GMO
  • How your nutritional needs vary based on your age, size, general health, activity level, and overall wellness
  • What “clean eating” really means and tips to make sure you are eating as clean as possible
  • The three things she recommends to all patients to help optimize their diets

What is one of the most important aspects of healthy eating? Being realistic. “Make as many good decisions as you can, and eat clean whenever possible, on a day-to-day basis” she said.

Listen to the entire show “Food is Medicine” and learn more about how the food you put in your body impacts your overall well-being.