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Golf, Whole30 among new therapy offerings at Del Ray-based PT clinic

ALEXANDRIA, V.A., December 15,2014— Local physical therapy and wellness clinic, Core Wellness & Physical Therapy, announced two new services available to patients—Golf Therapy and Whole30 consultations. These new therapy offerings are in addition to Core Wellness’ existing service roster, which spans traditional physical therapy modalities, nutrition counseling, Pilates, women’s health services, and other wellness and prevention programs.

“At Core Wellness, we’re all about helping people get and stay healthy from a well-rounded, holistic perspective. We believe the more opportunities people have to inject wellness into their routines and activities, the stronger and healthier they are—both from short- and long-term perspectives,” said Core Wellness & Physical Therapy owner and founder, Elizabeth Polis, PT, DPT. “These new services are just additional examples of ways in which we can assist people in their wellness goals. Whether from a nutrition angle—in the case of Whole30—or from enhancing someone’s personal hobby—through Golf Therapy—offering people healthy treatments and exercises in ways that speak to them is always top of mind for us because we know it leads to changes that last.”

About each service:

Golf Therapy: Offered by our own Angie Kowalski, DPT, our golf therapy program helps golfers perfect their swing and correct any existing issues in their golf game. Dr. Kowalski was recently certified through the Titleist Performance Institute—the world leader in research and data on golf fitness, health and swing biomechanics—indicating she is a golf expert and well-qualified to assist both aspiring and seasoned golfers. While in treatment, the golfer can expect a thorough swing screening and assessment, identifying any mobility or endurance deficits that may be limiting his or her true potential, as well as a set of corrective exercises. Addressing these dysfunctions will improve the efficiency of the golfer’s swing, while helping prevent injuries down the line.

Whole 30: This popular elimination diet helps people identify and remove all psychologically unhealthy, hormone-unbalancing, gut-disrupting, inflammatory food groups for a 30 day period. By maximizing your body’s ability to heal with all the right foods, Whole30 promotes improved efficiency of metabolism and reduces systemic inflammation. Beginning in 2015, we will offer Whole30 consultations to personalize and maximize your experience.

“Offering these services now is particularly timely as we move through the holiday season,” added Dr. Polis. “Golf Therapy is truly a unique and impactful gift for any golf enthusiast. A Whole30 consultation can help people kick off the New Year right by starting fresh with a healthy, customized approach to maximizing your body’s potential with nutrient dense fuel. We’re excited to bring these services to patients and look forward to assisting them in their wellness goals.”

Anyone interested in Golf Therapy or Whole30 should give us a call at the office at 571-403-2673 to learn more or schedule an appointment. You can also learn more via our Core Wellness Radio podcasts.


MORE: Core Wellness & Physical Therapy is built on the belief that rehabilitation, prevention, and treatment in one-on-one sessions is the key to optimizing our patients’ success. Our highly experienced physical therapists are passionate about helping our patients reach their wellness goals. Using an integrative approach that includes hands on manual care, modalities, exercise prescription, and comprehensive education, our patients receive a customized regimen and the personalized care they deserve. We believe that the body has the capacity to heal and restore itself—and with the right guidance, the appropriate treatment, and conscious commitment, we all have the potential for optimal quality of life.