8 Inspirations for Healthy Living in the New Year

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Happy 2014 to our entire Core Wellness community – we hope your 2013 was full of health, wellness, love and prosperity. As we begin a new year, the Core Wellness staff is reaffirming its commitment to a healthy lifestyle and we hope to inspire many of you to make the same pledge to better living. Throughout the month, we have been challenging our entire community to incorporate a few wellness tips (or “inspirations”) into their day in the hopes that they may encourage year-round healthy choices and a full life. Available on Core Wellness’ Facebook and Twitter pages, many of these inspirations include:

  • Handwrite daily goals at the end of each day – this helps clear your mind of the day’s activities and prepare you for a new (well-rested) day.
  • Clean house, from the inside out. Eat only unprocessed food for 10 days; 30 days is even better.
  • Take daily walk sans Smartphone. Bring a friend along for bonus
  • Play more. Games like tag for your body. Board games for your mind.
  • Spice things up! Freshen up your homemade meals with spices you don’t typically use.
  • Never stop exploring! Plan to visit 3 new places this month, in your town/city/state and or country.
  • Hydrate! Buy a fun reusable bottle & aim for 2 liters min daily. We recommend: Nalgene Outdoor or Liberty Bottles.
  • Lift something often. Resistance training strengthens muscles & bones, plus increased activity tolerance= improved quality of life.

We also go into several of these in more detail on the latest Core Wellness Radio podcast (“Your Daily Inspiration: Tips for Living Well”) – check it out! And try integrating at least a few of our tips into your busy schedule and let us know the kinds of impacts you are seeing. We believe if everyone can take a little time to focus on their health this month, it will lead to a strong and vigorous year. Happy 2014!