2015 Reimbursements

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As many of you know from chats with your clinician, we have transitioned to using ICD-10 codes on our invoices. This is the result of our insurance companies’ desire to have more specific descriptions of your diagnosis, what you’re being treated for, and in some cases the specifics of why and how. Some patients have received letters saying that payment/reimbursement is delayed because of extra codes, specifically the ICD-9 codes. Please notify us of this before December 23rd, 2015, so that we can make you a corrected invoice to resubmit. We apologize for the inconvenience, we are going with the flow of this transition, and some road bumps were to be expected.

We want you to receive reimbursement from your insurance company for all your out of network services in 2015. If you have invoices that you have lost/misplaced over 2015 and are seeing reimbursement for them, please submit your requests in writing to [email protected] by December 23rd. The first 3 are complimentary, each additional copy is $5.00.